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Our people have decades of combined experience in IT and financial services and have worked in positions such as board member of an AIFMD depositary, chartered accountant, operational fund manager and software developer for the financial sector. This vast experience has been translated into excellent software which contains all required details to accurately handle any kind of (financial) assets and create regulatory, mandatory reports.

Maryn de Waal - Emily Systems BV

Maryn de Waal

Director / CEO Emily Systems

Maryn has 30+ years of experience in IT and financial services and has worked in positions such as: consultant and project manager at Mabel Systems, managing director/board member at brokerage companies both in the US and in Europe, funds operations manager and as board member of an AIFMD depositary. Maryn is one of the founders of Emily Systems BV. He is the current CEO.

Sue Ling To

Sue Ling van Taarling - To MSc RA

Director / COO Emily Systems

Sue Ling has 20+ years work experience in the financial sector including 10+ years in the audit field. She is a Chartered Accountant (RA) and a member of The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants. Sue Ling worked for several depositaries, was part of the technical knowledge team of the Dutch Association of Depositaries and has been a Board Member of a licensed AIFMD depositary. She joined Emily Systems B.V. in the summer of 2021 as COO.

Marcel Jonker MSc

Marcel Jonker MSc

Business Partner

Marcel has a Business Administration and Management background. He obtained his Master at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. He has 15+ years of experience in the international financial sector. He managed teams of 40 people and was responsible for management of holdings with cumulative 100 Billion+ of investments and worked with several relevant IT systems in the financial sector. He has experience with WWFT, WTT, KYC, compliance, ESG, SFDR and tax regulations.

Our team

Our team

The COO manages the helpdesk and software development team, which currently consists of 5 professionals.

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