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The Emily Suite ("Emily") is a software program that combines the financial administration, investment administration, investor administration and monitoring functions into one product suite. This has enabled banks, depositaries, family offices, corporate trustees, asset managers and (pension) fund managers to successfully run critical operational processes and monitor and report to central banks, financial authorities, supranational regulators and other third parties (i.e. depositaries, auditors, investors) for over 20 years.

Emily is a product suite that supports the mitigation of regulatory and
operational risks:


Software is being hosted on the client's premises/onsite, hence the responsibility for data protection is always firmly in hands of the client without delegation or AVG/GDPR third party implications. Hosting in the cloud is also possible.

Bron code

Reduces legacy risks of using multiple inhouse software programs no continuity impact; Emily provides help desk and development services and the source code is provided to the client in case Emily is subject to force majeure.

API Connection

API availability enables the client to push/pull data to own apps and/or client portals.

Books and records

Investment compliance; i.e. LTV calculations, use of lookthrough, books & records.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction monitoring; i.e. running the transactions through pre-defined (SMART) screening parameters.

integrate external valuation policies.

Audit trail.


Possibility to integrate external valuation policies.

Data report

Hash technology applied to the output (reports).


Evidence collection via documentation centre.


Regulatory reporting (i.e. MIFID II (costs and transactions), Annex IV (AIFMD), SFDR (ESG)).


Asset Management Report


SFDR Report Annex I

Both these reports were created using our standard report writer and can be modified to suit your style requirements.

The Emily product suite enables you to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation and generate cost and time savings which in some cases reached 60%.

We provide training and support on a day-to-day basis as well during the onboarding phase.

If you wish to obtain ISAE 3402 certifications (Type 1 and/or 2), our team has the experience to support you.


  • No delegation (non-SaaS).
  • Pricing per license and database per client, not per user or cumulative aum.
  • API availability.
  • Flexibility to build bolt-on functionality
  • Open database structure.
  • Third party access availability for Depositary, auditors and/or regulators.
  • Web based access, "work from home".
  • Third party CDD API.

Emily is the go-to solution for multi asset class investment administration combined with financial administration and investor administration. The software has a proven track record with investment banks, depositaries, fund managers, brokers and discretionary asset managers.

The cornerstone of every administration is the investor. Setting them up in the database is easy and enables users to manage the settings for investors more directly in matters such as tax setup, define relationships to other (natural or non natural) persons in the database and the creation of limitless portfolios each with their own bank and custody accounts anywhere in the world. Seemingly endless look-through, or peek-through, is provided throughout the portfolio structures.

Our documentation centre will also allow you to view the underlying documents with the click of a button. Additionally there are solutions to connect to third party CDD/KYC/AML vendors.

The product suite is multi currency and multi custody enabling consolidated reporting across an array of custodians and sub-custodians.

Rapport_Emily Systems
  • Buying a US dollar investment through a Swiss franc cash account in a portfolio with South African rand as base currency?

  • Sending out settlement instructions or payment instructions to multiple banks and custodians?

  • Complex accrued interest calculations on bonds, loans, floating rate notes or other interest bearing products?

Group 19
  • Direct debit instructions?

  • Linking rental agreements to investments such as real estate or ships?

  • Processing static or market data from third party providers or data vendors?

  • Creation and recording of risk- and transaction profiles for enhanced customer due diligence monitoring?

Not a problem!

The product suite has a wide variety of modular functionalities available such as NAV calculations, General Ledger, Annex IV reporting, SFDR reporting and so much more.

The restrictions module will enable you to build out and maintain your cashflow/transaction monitoring in detail and generates on demand reports for your organisation including investment restrictions compliance reports.

The API technology surrounding the system supports the connection to your website, apps or other applications.

The database and the software suite are 'on premise' solutions. You have the tools and the data in your possession hence delegation of services is not in play. This allows for data driven value creation because you always have your own data in your possession. Hosting in the cloud is also possible.

The software suite comes with an extensive audit trail to track and record daily operations. You have the choice of using the report writer and/or external reporting tools to create custom made reports for your investors.

Emily consists of different modules that can be licensed separately. The core - consists of the database function.

Emily Solution in diagram

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